Sajid was not involved with Divya's death

I have been very saddened to read certain articles on the Net
linking Sajid Nadiadwala to Divya's death, which I think
is absolutely disgusting.

I believe he is coming under so much scrutiny due to his religious background.
In my opinion Sajid and Divya were very much in love otherwise he wouldn't
have married her considering his parents objected to Divya because she was
an actress. Whereas Divya's parents were also against the relationship
because Sajid was a Muslim.

If there wasn't true love between them then I honestly believe that Sajid and
Divya would have not got married secretly especially at the peak of her
career. Divya had converted and taken on the Muslim name "Sana". She was
getting lots of death threats because of her relationship but only God
knows if she was murdered or whether fate cruelly just took her away from
us too soon. I am not sure if you have noticed this but she started to
dress modestly in her movies after her marriage.

When Divya fell from her balcony, Sajid was not present whereas
Neeta Lulla (designer) and her husband were present. I can say
for a fact that she definitely wouldn't have contemplated
suicide as she and Sajid were both due to go on an outdoor location the
following morning. Sajid was producing the movie, which was supposed to have
Mamta Kulkani in the lead but Divya persuaded Sajid to cast her instead as
Mamta had once snubbed her.

I don't know about Sajid's links to the underworld but this has been brought up
by many people spreading fabrications against Sajid. I can state that seeing
the way he has conducted himself after learning of her demise and at the funeral
has gained my utmost respect. If he was involved in her death then he couldn't
possibly be such a good actor to show such strong emotions.

People have also criticised his relationship with other women after Divya's death.
All what I can say is that they are hypocrites, how long would many men wait
before they start another relationship and that too when they are in their prime.
I am not sure how long Sajid waited but even when he was involved with Tabu
the movies he had produced during that time always started with a dedication
to his beautiful wife Divya.

People have also claimed that Sajid was interested in Divya because of her money,
which is once again ridiculous. Divya was not interested in money and never got
around to collecting many of her signing fees cheques but if Sajid was so
interested in her money then surely he would have either collected them himself or
forced Divya to collect them. After her death Sajid found amongst her cherished
belongings his own signing fee cheques to her which she had never cashed.
If Sajid was involved in her death then Divya's parents would not still be saying
to this date they have gained a son as Sajid still keeps in touch with them.

Sajid Nadiadwala is now married to Wardha Khan, a former journalist whom
he met when she initially came to interview him about Divya.
The couple's first child is a son called Subhan and his wife
Wardha delivered a baby boy on the morning
of 24th July, 2008. The new arrival has been named Sufyan.

His wife has stated that Sajid still keeps a photo of Divya in his wallet and
visits Divya's parents. All that I can say is I wish them and his sons a very
happy future together.

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